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Home: Peru can be one of the most breathtaking locations in the world. From the stunning mountains to picturesque beaches, Luxury Tours to Peru can be one of the most memorable trips that you can take. But what do you do when you Travel to Peru country? Peru has plenty of attractions to offer a wide variety of visitors, which is why this can be a perfect location for your next Taylor Tours to Peru. We offer the most immersive experience possible when you choose Peru Travel Guide as your Luxury Guide. Anyone can visit Peru, but we give you a unique experience. You want to see more than beautiful sights. You can see beautiful landscaper anywhere. These look great in pictures, but you want more than just pretty pictures to look back on.


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That’s what makes our tours different from other places. We don’t just take you around to visit gorgeous locations; we give you the experience of the culture in Peru. You can get a taste of the Incan heritage of this Peru country. Glamping on the Inca Trails 4D/3N, following it to Machu Picchu in the historic ruins of the Incan Culture. This place is a central part of the rich history that you will find in your Luxury Peru Travel, so this is a must-see for anyone who comes to this gorgeous country. When you are planning your next trip, think of going to Peru and checking out our immersive experience in Peru.

You’ll love every second in this breathtaking country, and you will have plenty of stories to share with your loved ones when you return. Our Tour Leaders Peru give you an experience that you will remember for a very long time. Our experiences are more than just picture-perfect scenes to plaster all over social media. We give you a full taste of this culture, which helps you get the Machu Picchu vacation of a lifetime.

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We had a great time in Peru. We saw the Sacred Valley, hiked the 26 mile Inca Trail for 4 days from 8,000 to 13,800 feet to see the ancient stunning Machu Picchu, learned about Incas, went to the exciting Amazon Rain Forest to see Macaw birds in the wild, shopped at San Pedro's Market in Cusco, celebrated New Year's Eve in yellow hats in Cusco, went on an exciting ATV ride in the desert, flew in a small plane over the ancient Nazca Lines, & went on a boat trip to the beautiful Peruvian Galapagos to see Penguins there. We had a great adventurous time there as a family. We highly recommend you all visit Peru too! We booked our trip with a wonderful travel agent named Natalie Conde her email is and website is Aldo Quispe was a wonderful main guide in Peru & Jose Antonio Padilla was a bird knowledgable guide in the Amazon.

Sonya B
Group Leader
2019 Dec 21 - 2020 Jan 3 We had a great tour of With tour guide Aldo (he's great): Cusco, Sacred Valley, Inca Trail, Machu Picchu. Jose was always there, attentive, hiking in front, back, side, showing us extra ruins on side trails. It was great! For the Amazon, we switched to great naturalist and super birder Jose Antonio and hiked and birded in Manu National Park. Jose Antonio has memorized 3000 bird calls, we tested about 50. He has a crazy ability to spot birds, animals, and insects all over the place. Then we went to Nazca (lines in the desert), then an oasis for dune buggy and fun sandboarding. The next day in Paracas to see the sky darken with birds. I had an absolutely great time where we saw a huge sampling of Peru. I ate tons of carbs for the high altitude (you should probably get a Diamox prescription ...

Lima, Nazca Lines, Machu Picchu
If you looking for an experience to challenge your body and be rewarded by breathtaking views and scenery this is the trip and tour group to join. I was tested physically and the leaders on this tour group were so supportive, encouraging and paced the group well. Our tour leader gave us amazing stories that included the rich history of the culture and the people of Peru. The tour leader was able to create an atmosphere that was light and fun while reminding us to pay respect to the journey. The Tour Leaders Peru Adventure beautifully and meticulously organized all of the details of the trip down to food, transportation, and accommodations. The food that was provided on the trek was nothing short of incredible.

Gina B
Salkantay Trek Hiker

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