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Is Peru Safe To Travel?

Apr 15, 2022 | Blog | 0 comments

Is Peru Safe To Travel? This is the most common question we get asked from people like you, who want to visit South America. Peru is a great dream and bucket list location for many travelers. It is also one of the most popular destinations for 2020-21, primarily because of Machu Picchu Tours, Incan History, world-renowned gastronomy, hiking adventure tours, historical colonial Cities, Amazon Tours, incredible beaches, and the National Parks that make Peru a very attractive destination for people all over the world. Although getting to Peru can be expensive (depending on the point of departure) the truth is that once in Peru, it is actually a very affordable country to travel to. It is

But is Peru safe to travel to?

What are the main security hazards or threats on your trip to Peru?

If you are planning your trip to South America and have an adventure of a lifetime first ask yourself if it is Peru safe for travel or not? I recommend you stay a little while here. I’m going to give you a number of safety tips to keep in mind before and during your safe trip to Peru.

When you talk to people about whether it’s safe to travel to Peru you’ll hear everything: That Peru is safe, That Peru is dangerous… But the truth is that not everything is black and white and there is a large grayscale, so it is always best to take precautions to make the trip to Peru as safe as possible and come back to your country with a big smile from ear to ear.

Peru is a colorful landscape, smiles, cultural mix, ceviche, the smell of the sea, mountains, Snow cape mountains, Amazon jungle Lake Titicaca… etc. But Peru is also chaos, robberies, deceptions, altitude sickness, mosquitoes, diarrhea…

It’s not about taking away your Destination, but it’s better you know about the dangers and it’s better to know the safety gaps, the safer it is to travel to Peru. Being prevented, knowing how to act in certain situations, and above all, carrying Travel Insurance that covers the problems that can be given is the best remedy for all ills.

Peru’s Hotels and Hostels’ security

You’re probably also wondering about the safety of Peruvian lodgings. At this point, it’s hard to generalize, because depending on where you move, your belongings are going to be more or less quiet. Generally speaking, Hotels of a certain category have a lot of control in this regard, and hostels often have lockers at the service of customers. My advice is that as much as possible, use digital platforms like Travel Companies Tour Leaders Peru to find the best-rated Recommendations. That will save you surprises.

Warning: be careful with your money!! for our security, we are not going to mention Hotel Names but some Hotels was been changing your Money with fake bills so make sure where you put your money it is better don’t leave your money in your Room.

Food and drink in Peru

Traveling into Peru has a unique Gourmet Restaurants also is one of its main attractions, that is for sure. And while Peruvian cuisine is one of the most recognized in the world, it can be a bomb for our stomachs. It’s not about avoiding it, it’s about measuring what we eat and what we don’t eat, simply as a safety measure on the trip to Peru. Also, please!!!!!. It would be great to hear your comments after your Tour in Peru what was your best Peruvian Food? I will make a new blog post talking about the best food in Peru.

Warning: If you have a plan to Hike in Peru Such as.
The Inca Trail To Machu Picchu.
Salkantay Trek To Machu Picchu
Lares Trek To Machu Picchu


Don’t eat beef!!!!

Consider this advice. Don’t Eat Beef, Don’t drink Alcoholing dring before your trip. if you want to know why? send me your questions and I will answer them Asap.
believe me, it’s not a good idea I just to be a Tour Leaders for 10 years. And I know what happens when you eat heavy meals such as beef or drink alcohol.

Nothing has ever happened to our Customers just following our recommendation, but we recognize that you have a very strong stomach, because they did not fall ill even hiking on several trips… But I know people who have been with diarrhea during their trip. As you can imagen how uncomfortable would be it, it leaves you exhausted and unwilling. Come on, it can windle you your trip of a lifetime takes your precautions, please.

Safety in Peru: altitude sickness

Altitude sickness is not an urban legend and therefore you should not take it as a joke. Peru has much of its geography above 4,000 meters. This is something that our bodies are not used to and that can make it not so safe to travel to Peru in that regard.

One thing that is essential to be sure when traveling to Peru is to know the symptoms of altitude sickness:

If time passes and symptoms persist, the first talk with your Tour Leader if is getting worst call your travel insurance contact to tell you which hospital to go to. It is also advisable to move to a place at a lower altitude.

In addition to this it is good to know the safety measures that can help you avoid altitude sickness:

Drink plenty of water. Being well hydrated is key.
Locals will recommend you chew coca leaf or Drink coca tea. It is a millennial practice, even if the scientific community does not shed light on anything in this regard.

Rare diseases in Peru.

Continuing the health theme, diseases such as yellow fever, malaria, Sika, and dengue can occur in the Amazon rainforest area of Peru. It is essential to be informed of this and take some precautions before the trip:

1- Visit your Center for Foreign Health or Preventive Medicine before the trip to Peru. You’ll be told about the recommended vaccines and other safety actions there.

2- Prepare suitable clothes to put in the suitcase.

Adventure activities in Peru.

If Peru can boast anything, it’s of its nature. I assure you that traveling to Peru will not be a disappointment in that regard. Wherever you go there will be a huge offer of adventure activities, and for that reason, it is important to know the risks and dangers in this regard. This will make it safer to travel to Peru.

Although there are many trekkings, the most famous in Peru are those that end in the great citadel of Machu Picchu. It’s a wonderful, UNIQUE experience that you’ll remember all your life. But as the tour goes through high areas it is necessary that your travel insurance covers trekking to those altitudes.

?? Read here how to get to Machu Picchu from Cusco

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Undoubtedly the Amazon rainforest of Peru is another of the country’s strengths and in the same way. Another of Peru’s main dangers. All kinds of animals, mosquitoes that transmit diseases and generally poor hygienic conditions are the perfect combo to fall into diarrhea or get some disease. Nothing has to happen, but considering that these areas are usually isolated and nos cellphone service it is best to have good health insurance and if it can be, to include rescue.

Theft and deceptions: is Peru safe for travel to?.

In general, it is safe to travel to Peru in terms of personal integrity, especially in small-town areas and in rural areas. But in the big cities (Lima, Cusco, Arequipa, Puno…) you have to pay close attention. If you’re carrying luggage, don’t neglect it. Try not to show valuables or a lot of money in the middle of the street. Avoid desolate places in cities and if a place gives you a bad thorn, don’t enter.

Nothing has to happen. We’ve all been robbed of it, but as soon as you talk and recognize your accent, some will try to trick you or rob you of money. For as little as you have, you’ll probably have more than them.

Security tips to travel safe Peru

Do you want to travel peacefully and Safe in Peru? On the one hand, you can always take out travel insurance in case you have any problems or altercations during your adventure. Here are some practical tips:

Try not to carry valuables with you and especially if that are not in sight. Avoid earrings, valuable jewelry, etc.

If you travel with an eye-catching and sweet camera for thieves better if you carry it in a small, discreet backpack. Take it out when you want to take pictures and then hide it again.

Dress up inappropriate clothes for the area where you move, you’re not going to go in heels to a human settlement, have a little knowledge.
Take repellent and medication to avoid potential health problems or contagion.

Ask trusted people about dangerous neighborhoods or big towns. And try to avoid them especially at night or in the early hours of the morning.
Never go out at night at a nightclub and take a car, that is standing at the door of it. As they are waiting to pick up drunk people to rob you or worse.

Go out without credit cards and without a lot of cash. If you have a credit card try to have a cap because there are cases where people are assaulted and they take them from cashier to cashier taking out all their money, so better if you have a limit.

Don’t trust the police

Don’t trust the police because most of them are corrupt, they won’t help you. However, if you have a problem with them you can always try a bribe, it’s the order of the day.

Beware in markets, shops, etc with haggling, they do not time you. Also, control your bag in these areas. Because they can always steal it and then end up cloning cards or documents, with all the complications that this entails.

Take precautions with people getting on buses or at stations, airports… telling stories not to sleep the passers-by, looking for money, etc, usually are scammers.

And you, what do you think… Is it dangerous to travel to Peru?

so now you know how is Peru is you still asking if is Peru safe to travel to? please tell us your History or send us your comments we are Tour Leaders Peru Creating unforgettable experiences in Peru
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